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Happy Customers

“Paw Seasons Salon have been looking after Stevie since he was a pup and we couldn't ask for a better service. We have Stevie hand stripped and the results are brilliant. We love his aftershave too! :-)"  ​

Sarah D and Stevie the Border Terrier Jack Russell cross

“Having a cockerpoo from a puppy, I was nervous about the cost of having her continually groomed. But Jen gave me some hints and tips about keeping the coat in good condition and we now visit Jen every six weeks. Going regularly helps keep Bracken's coat healthy and keeps the cost down each visit."

Jo L and Bracken the Cockerpoo

“Obi was a little nervy when he went to Paw Seasons for his first ever hand strip, but he realised there was nothing to worry about because Jen spent lots of time building trust with him and calming him down (he can be a handful!). Her dedicated service means he stays relaxed and this results in a very neat coat." ​ ​


Heidi B and Obi the Border Terrier

“I have been taking my cockapoo, Bruno, to Paw Seasons for quite a while now and have been consistently pleased with the results. Bruno always comes back looking very smart indeed, whether it be for a light trim or a much bigger job. He gets matted very easily and so Jen has had to work her way through some pretty horrendous knots! I love the fact that only natural products are used. He gets back smelling wonderful by human standards, although this rarely lasts for long given that Bruno’s top post-grooming activity is to roll in fox poo!”

Jo H and Bruno the Cockerpoo

“Because Buster has a double coat Jen advised that a thorough deshedding would be far better than clipping his coat, for many reasons. Her expert advice meant that his natural coat came through and he looks like a new dog. He looks like a puppy again."


Alice B and Buster the Collie Cross

“We have Poppy clipped every six or seven weeks and it makes such a difference to her coat. We go walking in muddy fields and without regular grooming her fur would become matted and uncomfortable for her. 

Jen at Paw Seasons is so knowledgeable and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.


Wendy L and Poppy the Zuchon (Bichon Frise and Shih Tzu)

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